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HR Networking Framework

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About Course

Practical Lessons Designed to Get You Hired

If you’ve just emailed or messaged HR teams in companies with your CV / Resume and asked for job vacancies…STOP… this is the reason you aren’t getting anywhere; you’re doing what 5000 other job seekers are doing for that exact role! In the HR Networking Framework Course, you will learn what our successful students have done to increase their job-hunting success by 77% within a few weeks of starting this program. Become a JOB MAGNET by knowing who to speak to and what to say… and not say!

Self-Evolving Education Content

HR Networking Framework Course is stress tested and constantly evolved to ensure the quality and validity is applicable to a range of roles that you are looking to get acquired for. We keep this at the forefront of quality control to ensure that your investment in this program results in multiple offers.

Success Assignments

Follow the step by step success of our successful students via the “Success Assignments” data sets. Generate multiple offers via networking, the same way our successful students have.

HR Outreach Email & LinkedIn Templates

You will receive 10 email and LinkedIn Templates that have been integral to generating conversations that result in interviews and offers! All templates have been researched and used for optimal response rates and highest conversions. We keep an eye on content and update this part of the course dependant on quarters of the year and this current version of the HR Networking Framework Course is optimised for Q1 of 2023

Find Anyone’s Professional Email in Seconds

The HR Networking Framework Course is topped up with How to mail credits to give you access to the desired HR professional’s email within the desired company that you want to work for. Even though 50% of the outreach is done via LinkedIn we give you access to our email sourcing software that allows instant access to talent decision makers.

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Course Content

Welcome to the Breach HR Outreach Framework program, this video will give you a glimpse of what you will learn about in the upcoming lesson, a preview if you will, Now what this program is designed to do is give you the know how as well as massive inspiration to the endless possibilities of what can happen when you start networking with the Human Resources teams of companies you want to work for.

  • Breach Introduction

Tier System
The Tier System will be the framework you can follow to understand where you are in your job hunting journey, full understanding of which tier you are currently using will give you a massive tactical advantage in your job hunt.

Email Methodology
Welcome to the Email Methodology module, in this section we will cover putting into effect everything you have learnt so far through practical and actionable lessons, please revert to the email and LinkedIn message templates upon viewing these video lessons to ensure a successful framework

HR Avatars & Ideal Outreach Ideas
In the HR Avatar & Ideal Outreach ideas module we will go into detail of the specific personnel you need to converse with and how to do it by providing ideas via what our previous successful candidates have done to generate replies, meetings and then successfully interviews thereafter.

Job Market Types
Here we cover the traditional and hidden job markets to better understand where we need to focus our energy to better our chances at securing a role in our desired field and company as well as focusing on the right way to do that.

How to job Student Workflows
Here we will cover in detail what our successful students have done and what messages they have sent to generate the success they have; this will go into detail of 3 of our How to job students and cover emails as well as LinkedIn messages and replies to generate interviews.

Soft Skills & Hard Skills
Soft skills are traits that make you a good worker. They're things like work ethic, organization, communication, collaboration, and leadership. Hard skills are abilities you learn in school or on the job. They're things like C# programming, marketing campaign management, and financial forecasting

SSI Score
LinkedIn SSI is important because it helps someone measure thier social selling skills. Having a higher SSI creates 45% more opportunities than lower-ranked peers. Your SSI score creates a strong connection to your networking activities. The higher your SSI, the more opportunities and potential prospects you can get.

# Search Methodology
Understanding how to search using LinkedIn is half the battle done, in this module we will cover an introduction on the # search methodology and how it is an integral part of your job networking journey.

All Star Profile
The All-Star level is given to users who have 100% profile completion. LinkedIn algorithms give priority to users with complete profiles by ranking them higher in search results compared to users with incomplete profiles, so it is worth investing some time in tidying up your profile and making sure it is complete.

Phone Call / Meeting Framework
When you're competing for an interview spot with other 150 applicants, you need to stand out. That's why calling the hiring manager can be a strategic step. When you contact the hiring manager, you show not only initiative but also interest.

4 Interview Phases
Here I will cover pre-planned questions and usually include ones about a candidate's skills and professional experiences through the 4 phases that are most likely going to come up in an interview for you.

3 Pillars Profile
Ever wondered if there was a style of conversation and streamlined way of structuring your answers to show an employer that you are the right candidate? Well now you can. Going through the 3 pillars will give you an understanding of how to structure some of the phases of interviews we’ve just covered.

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