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Company Description:

Our network is a tapestry of innovative organizations across various sectors, from exciting tech startups to established firms in finance, healthcare, telecoms, and more. Each partner in our network boasts a unique culture and set of values, offering a rich environment for your career progression. As a specialized recruitment firm, we excel at bridging the gap between exceptional talent like yourself and the thriving workspaces where you can excel.

Data Roles Specification:

Join us on a bespoke journey with our state-of-the-art recruitment process, uniquely crafted for data professionals. Our virtual job specification tool presents an interactive and comprehensive exploration of industries, diving into specialized products and the distinct cultures of our clientele. This experience is crafted to be more than a job search—it’s your gateway to the ideal data-focused role that fits your aspirations.

Distinguishing Features of This Role Exploration:

Sector Exploration

Uncover the vast array of sectors we engage with, from the forefront of tech innovation to the fast-paced finance sector, the essential healthcare industry, and the progressive telecoms sphere. Choose a sector where your data expertise and passion will have the greatest impact.

Product Insight

Gain in-depth knowledge of the data-driven products and services offered by our clients. Be it advanced analytics platforms, financial modeling tools, medical data systems, or telecom data services, find your niche where your skills will shine.

Cultural Fit

Get acquainted with the ethos, missions, and cultures of our varied clients. This knowledge empowers you to identify where your data analytical skills and personal growth can coalesce and flourish.

Compensation Clarity

Our process provides you with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding your salary expectations. With clear insights into the compensation ranges of different data roles, you can pursue options that satisfy your financial goals.

Your Empowerment:

At the end of this virtual exploration, you'll have the clarity to make informed choices about your data career trajectory. Opt for the sector that ignites your interest, the data-centric products that excite you, and a company culture that aligns with your values. Armed with salary insights, you can tailor your career path to your economic objectives.

Take the Leap:

Our approach transcends the typical job application; it's a leap towards securing your place in the professional sphere where your passion for data analysis is matched by opportunity and reward. With the freedom to chart your course, you're not just seeking a job—you're forging a future in a field you're passionate about, with products you're invested in, within an organization that resonates with you, all while fulfilling your financial ambitions.


Technology and Software:

In this rapidly expanding sector, including SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses, there is a significant demand for Data Analysts to interpret complex data, inform product development, and optimize service strategies.


As the industry evolves with developments such as 5G, telecommunications companies are seeking Data Analysts to analyze market trends, customer data, and service performance to enhance the promotion and sales of their cutting-edge solutions to both businesses and consumers.

Financial Services:

Spanning fintech startups, banking, and investment sectors, there is a pressing need for Data Analysts to leverage statistical analysis and predictive modeling to support the sale of financial products, software, and services, as well as to enhance client relationships and business strategies.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical:

Firms within this vital industry are on the lookout for skilled Data Analysts to apply their expertise in analyzing trends, efficacy, and market data to bolster the promotion of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and health-tech solutions to healthcare institutions and professionals.


With the ever-growing emphasis on data protection, Data Analysts in this field are crucial for interpreting security data, assessing risk patterns, and contributing to the development and sales of robust cybersecurity solutions to protect businesses across various scales and sectors.

Digital Marketing and Advertising:

In this dynamic industry, Data Analysts play a pivotal role by analyzing digital marketing trends, consumer behavior, and campaign performance. Their insights are vital in optimizing the sale of advertising space, marketing software, and digital services to businesses aiming to amplify their online visibility and engagement.


Amidst the surge of online shopping, there's a heightened demand for Data Analysts to harness transactional data, customer insights, and market trends. These professionals are key in enhancing the adoption and optimization of e-commerce platform services, payment solutions, and ancillary tools for retailers and brands eager to scale their online presence.

Renewable Energy and Sustainability:

With the global pivot to greener energy solutions, Data Analysts are increasingly sought after to analyze energy consumption patterns, evaluate market potential, and inform the development and sales strategies of products and services in solar energy, wind power, and other renewable sectors. Their insights are instrumental in driving the adoption of sustainable energy technologies.

Salary Ranges 1st year

Technology and Software:

Base salary: £29,000 - £40,000
OTE: £40,000 - £55,000


Base salary: £28,000 - £35,000
OTE: £35,000 - £50,000

Financial Services:

Base salary: £30,000 - £40,000
OTE: £40,000 - £60,000+

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical:

Base salary: £27,000 - £35,000
OTE: £35,000 - £50,000


Base salary: £32,000 - £42,000
OTE: £42,000 - £65,000

Digital Marketing and Advertising:

Base salary: £25,000 - £32,000
OTE: £32,000 - £47,000


Base salary: £26,000 - £34,000
OTE: £34,000 - £50,000

Renewable Energy and Sustainability:

Base salary: £28,000 - £38,000
OTE: £38,000 - £55,000

Key Responsibilities for Data Analysts Across Client Companies:

As a Data Analyst, you are pivotal to our clients’ growth and success within a wide range of industries. This role is perfect for those who are results-driven and versatile, capable of customizing their analytical abilities to suit the distinct requirements of each company they support. Here’s how your role will be critical and influential across our diverse client portfolio:

Data Mining & Lead Analysis Across Industries:

Your primary task will involve sifting through extensive datasets to uncover potential leads. Leveraging both your analytical skills and innovative thinking, you'll identify opportunities with high conversion potential. By tailoring your analysis to the unique characteristics and demands of each industry, you ensure that resources are allocated to the most promising leads. Your adeptness in revealing opportunities will be crucial in fueling the sales initiatives of our clientele.

Personalized Engagement & Needs Assessment:

With a comprehensive grasp of each client's products and value propositions, you’ll analyze prospective customer data to determine their specific challenges and requirements. This role requires you to adapt your analytical techniques to engage with a wide array of data points, effectively identifying key consumer insights. Your ability to discern and articulate these needs is essential for fostering connections that drive business growth.

Strategic Partnership:

Working closely with our clients' sales and marketing teams, you'll play a key role in shaping and enhancing sales strategies. Insights drawn from data analysis will inform targeted messaging and strategic positioning, helping our clients stand out in their markets. Your contributions will be instrumental in navigating through complex market landscapes, converting potential obstacles into avenues for expansion.

Sales Pipeline Analysis & Insight Reporting:

Organizing and interpreting data related to sales activities, you'll manage a complex sales pipeline with precision. Your reports will shed light on trends, pinpoint successes, and suggest improvements, offering more than just numerical data but actionable intelligence. This holistic analysis supports our clients in refining their sales tactics, driving efficiency, and maximizing outcomes.

Adaptation to Industry Evolution & Lifelong Learning:

Given the dynamic nature of the business world and our clients' varying fields, your role demands continuous education and flexibility. You will immerse yourself in the specifics of diverse industries, from tech to healthcare and finance to green energy, ensuring that your analytical strategies remain innovative and effective.

Ready to start your application?


A Virtual Job Specification is an innovative, video-based presentation designed to provide an in-depth overview of available roles. It’s crafted to educate and enlighten you about the specific position and the diverse range of clients we partner with. By delving into the details through this immersive format, you gain a comprehensive understanding of what each role entails. At the conclusion, you're presented with an opportunity to submit a detailed application, tailoring your skills and preferences to the roles that interest you most.

Our unique, automated volume recruitment system supports a wide array of companies at any given time. Our clientele spans from emerging startups to SMEs and extends to large, well-established blue-chip corporations, primarily within the UK. Our aim is to cater to a broad spectrum of industries, facilitating connections between job seekers and their ideal company environments.

Unlike traditional recruitment practices that often charge employers 20-30% of a candidate's salary—a factor that can hinder the talent acquisition process—our model operates on a subscription basis. This provides our clients with unlimited access to a pool of job seekers. By adopting this method, we enable companies to focus their resources on investing in their employees' salaries and career development, rather than recruitment fees.

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At "How to Job," we provide a comprehensive suite of services to support your career journey. This includes a free training platform designed to upskill job seekers, premium services for more personalized support, and a free advisory service—availability permitting, as we're often in high demand. These resources are crafted to aid both job seekers and employers in navigating the complexities of the employment landscape.

To maximize the impact of your application, we encourage you to provide detailed responses at the end of the virtual job specification. This is your moment to shine by highlighting your industry preferences, work style, desired company culture, personality traits, and additional personal insights. This detailed submission allows our employer clients to gain a deeper understanding of who you are beyond your CV, showcasing your unique fit for their organizations.

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