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"We don’t just recruit. We use data to redefine talent acquisition."

At 'How to job', we’ve "revolutionized" the recruitment game.

We’re not content with just sourcing candidates – we ensure they seamlessly align with your company’s culture, work ethics, and intrinsic sought after soft skills.

Ever seen a startup pitch deck? We’ve brought that to recruitment!

We’ve adopted the detailed approach of a startup pitch deck, but for job seekers. Every applicant is presented through a comprehensive ‘Job Seeker Pitch Deck‘ that details their capabilities, alignment with your company, and more. It’s recruitment with a detail you’ve never seen before.

Here’s Why Employers Like You Need A Better Solution:

The High Cost of Wrong Hiring:

As the REC highlights, a wrong hire can be expensive, costing up to 2.5 times their salary in replacements alone.

The Long Recruitment Wait:

On average, it's a 42-day wait. In that period, candidates' decisions can waver.

Sky-High Agency Fees:

Traditional agencies might charge 15%-30% of a candidate's first-year salary.

Inefficient Job Ads:

Current systems often lead to attracting mismatched candidates – and they're not shy to voice their frustrations.

Our Innovative Approach to Your Challenges:


Reimagining Candidate Presentation:

Our unique 'Job Seeker Pitch Deck' ensures that every candidate is vetted and presented with unparalleled detail, resonating with your brand's essence.


Say Goodbye to Long Waits:

Our proactive campaigns ensure a daily refreshed pool of candidates. You'll receive daily updates, thanks to our robust infrastructure.


Cost-Effective Excellence:

We charge just 5% of the first-year salary, giving you premium, data-driven results without the premium price tag.


Strategic Job Advertisements:

We leverage major job boards and social media for maximum reach, supported by our meticulously curated database of job seekers.

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