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How to get into Banking & Financial Services without experience

Struggling to get into financial services? You are not alone! In this workshop we cover everything Banking and Financial services related to help you get into a role even without experience. Are you receiving the usual feedback “Sorry you don’t have enough experience” when the whole point was to get the experience in the first place! We’ve got you covered here, our students have used these methods in this workshop to secure roles without experience in banks such as J P Morgan, Goldman Sachs as well as many more.

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How to optimise your CV / Resume

Did you know you have a 4% chance on average of securing a job by sending a standard CV? In this workshop we will cover not just the basics, you will have a clearer understanding of how to structure your CV / resume to beat the ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) an A.I. program that many companies use in the modern job-hunting landscape. At the end f the workshop we introduce resources that can be used to effectively increase your chances of securing an interview.

How to land a job without applying online

More and more job hunters are now using LinkedIn and networking techniques to tap into job positions that are not available to everyday standard job hunters. In this workshop we talk about tapping into the “Hidden Job Market” where 80% of jobs are hidden and a referral network needs to be created to be effectively tapped into. A majority of students of this workshop have secured roles within weeks of deploying the teachings of the training.