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How London Stock Exchange Group's Vaibhav Tripled His Salary and Landed His Dream Role Click Here

From Virtual Intern to Associate and £37,500 Salary for his first role!

Diveeshan was looking for his first role in financial services, struggling with just applying for roles, he found himself in a position where most of the applications ended up with “Unfortunately you have not been successful “as an email reply.

He knew he had to start doing things a little differently, he then set out to develop a list of firms he felt that complimented his personality and provided a great culture fit. He decided to optimise his CV to be “Associate Native” to give him the best exposure and chance of being selected by any companies’ applicant tracking software!

Diveeshan decided to improve his job-hunting experience by being a little more proactive in his approach to networking and reaching out to hiring managers to really figure out what they were looking for instead of just applying and waiting. 

“I found the online program very detailed and the online services to be very easily followed, the constant reassurance you provided was also very crucial in my preparation to every interview as it helped me feel at ease going into every interview as I know what to expect.”

He changed his approach to job hunting in December of 2021 and by January 2022 he was offered a role as an associate with an industry leading firm!

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