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How one of our clients went from receiving… “Unfortunately, you haven’t been successful…” emails to accepting an Associate Private Banking position within 4 weeks!

Guy Briston

Guy commissioned How to job to help him get better exposure in getting the attention of private banking institutions for a Private Banking position with a career progression that allows him to progress academically within the role.

The challenge Guy was facing was what a whole host of jobseekers currently face and that was applying sporadically and not hearing back! He knew the job he wanted but when it came to getting interviews post applications the usual “Unfortunately, you haven’t been successful…” email came through a few days later… sound familiar?

 So, what changed?

 First, we had a consultation call to assess what cultural fit Guy was looking for, after we understood that we then embarked on what was important for him when it came to joining a company and then built an image of who he could potentially be if the right company hired him.

We introduced Guy to the tier system methodology and quickly set out a plan to tackle the tier 2 and tier 1 aspect of networking to get conversations going when it came to speaking with hiring managers.

On our New Job System coaching program, we were able to deploy the “Breach” methodology which teaches you how to converse with HR teams within high level companies.

Step 1) Build a list of firms you want to work for

Step 2) Create an ethical unique selling point for your reason for joining the firm outside of what other jobseekers will talk about

Step 3) Create a hook within the email and don’t include the CV / Resume to increase replies

 “I’ve been applying and applying and literally wasn’t getting anywhere, then after learning about tier 1 and 2 and emailing hiring managers and asking a combination of tactical and closing questions I was shortlisted for a number of roles within the private banking sector, I then was offered a role by one of the companies that I had on my shortlist when I started the program”

Within the first week on the program, he was able to get replies from a number of high-level firms he had on his list and after a few weeks of the process he was invited in for an interview by Weatherbys Banking Group and was offered an Associate Private Banking position, we would like to use this opportunity to congratulate Guy for being a stellar candidate!

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