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How To Find Your Career Footway After Graduation

Life after university can be pretty scary. After years of education and being shown how to live your life, all of a sudden you’re thrown into the world of work unsure of the next step to take.

 It can be stressful and a little tricky. So here are the best tips, tricks, and things to think about to stop stressing and figure out your future career plans.

Reflect On Your Time At College.

Whether you just finished your bachelor’s degree or your master’s degree, you’ll have a lot to think about.

Think about what you really liked doing when you were in college or university.

Was it a group project?

Did you really like being the leader of a group?

Take some time to think about the work experiences you’ve had and what you learned from the experience.

What did you hate the most about university? You might not have liked writing long essays. Remember what it was and think about why you didn’t like it.

Self analysis is a great way to gain clarity on what you really enjoy doing, and will be a big help if you’re unsure what career path to take.


Think and act in a positive way. It doesn’t have to be non stop frustration when you’re looking for a job. Think of it as a step toward a new part of your life with more responsibilities, but also more opportunities to grow as a person and build new connections.

You’re Not Alone

When looking for a job after graduation, you may feel like you’re alone, but there are actually thousands of other graduates in the same boat. Reach out to friends and family to let them know how you’re doing, but also take time to do things you enjoy.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Friends Or Classmates

Everyone’s path to a graduate job is and will be different, so don’t be discouraged if it takes you a little longer to climb onto the career ladder.

Your friend’s dream job might be something much more common than what you aspire to be. Learn to understand that good things come to those who wait, and patience is a must have when it comes to seeing success.

Don’t Let Being Turned Down Affect You

During your job search you’re bound to get rejected at least once or twice, but don’t let it discourage you. Use the feedback to make your next application that extra bit better.

Rather than seeing rejected applications as a failure, see them as a learning curve that you can learn from when you try again.

Don’t Give Up So Easily.

It’s okay if your first job isn’t your dream job, but you should try to find a role that fits your values, skills, and interests as closely as possible. Otherwise you’ll find yourself dreading the day ahead and hating every second you’re at work.

Also don’t forget to Write down all the applications and replies you get. Keeping track of what you’re doing will help you remember important dates like deadlines and interviews.

So how can you break away from feeling lost and speed up your path to employability?

  • Put your CV on job search sites
  • Get information about jobs from people you know
  • Check to see if the websites of companies you like are looking for employers

How To Take The ‘’Fast Track’’ To Getting Hired

Here are some important steps you can take to turn ‘’rejected’’ into ‘’accepted’’ applications, and give yourself a head start over other fresh graduates applying for similar jobs.

Pay Someone To Make You A Great CV And Cover Letter.

If you want to get a job as soon as possible after you graduate, you might want to pay for a professional CV writer. Even if you think your CV is perfect, you might be leaving out some crucial information that could impress industry professionals.

Especially if you’re not familiar with the ATS system (application tracking system) which filters out the majority of CV’s before they’re even read. You need to make sure your CV is ATS optimised for it to even get into an employers hands when it comes to competitive job roles.

A professional CV writer can also help you show off all of your skills and qualifications in the most exclusive way.

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You can let people know you’re looking for a job by introducing yourself to as many people as possible.

It can be very helpful to join online professional networks like LinkedIn, which has more than 800 million users. Make sure you set up a professional profile and make it ‘’employer optimised’’ in order to have employers approaching you for new opportunities.

Use Job Fairs To Your Advantage

Job career fairs are a great way for recent graduates to learn about their career options and meet companies that could spark their interest.

You can find out about different companies and how they work by going to career fairs. And they also give graduates a chance to make a good impression in person, which makes it much easier to display your character and build connections.

The Six Skills You Need To Practise To Perfection

  • Communicating
  • Working in groups effectively
  • Organising and planning
  • Problem-solving
  • Professionalism
  • Taking lead of difficult situations

Applying for jobs through different channels can help speed up your path to employment. And a good CV is equally as important to stand out in today’s experience inclined job market. If you’re having trouble landing a job, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from job hunting experts or industry professionals.

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Enter your email below to receive your free copy directly to your inbox. Equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate the job search landscape and stand out from the crowd.