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How To Get Into Banking & Financial Services Without Experience

Companies today have an average of 500 applications to any job that’s posted online, and they just interview 5 applicants in total.

That leaves you with on average a 0.2% chance of just being interviewed for your desired role. (Not great odds!)

That’s considering you have the right experience, academia, and massive luck!

Even then you’re getting the famous

“Unfortunately, you haven’t been successful…”
We have a better way...

Bank of America reportedly gets 22,000 applications for 1 job posting and selects 1 applicant!

That's a 0.0045454545454545% Chance

Things We Will Cover In This FREE Training:

Tier System

3 layers of what happens the moment you apply and what you need to do immediately to actually get the attention of the hiring manager

"After understanding this concept, I was able to get in touch with a CEO of a Venture Capital firm that required 2 years of experience even though I had no experience within that field"


BDM @ VC Firm

"After watching this free training, I was able to understand what I needed to do to go and get the attention of an asset management firm"


Associate @ Asset Management Firm

"I understood how to explain my other skill set to generate an understanding of how I can leverage this to a get into a wealth management role"


Wealth Manager @ Fintech Firm

The "Hidden Job Market"

80% of jobs are hidden and are impossible to reach unless you network with hiring managers and connect with key personnel within particular departments

"I had zero experience and really struggled to get financial services companies to consider my applications, after adopting this training I was able to get into a trader role"


Trader @ Investment Bank

"After implementing this methodology, I was able to get a role within 2 weeks within a mortgage brokerage."


Broker @ Mortage Firm

"I was able to see where I could implement a conversational sequence to get my foot in the door to get an interview at a global Asset Management firm"


Consultant @ Asset Management Company

LinkedIn's Social Selling Index

LinkedIn's algorithm is scoring you out of 100 and most job hunters have a score of 30 and statistically 60/70 is where hiring managers start offering you jobs before they go live. we will cover how you can fist find your score and then increase it

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