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How to get into Financial Services

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Companies today have an average of 500 applications to any job that’s posted online, and they just interview 5 applicants in total.

That leaves you with on average a 0.2% chance of just being interviewed for your desired role. (Not great odds!)

That’s considering you have the right experience, academia, and massive luck!

Even then you’re getting the famous

“Unfortunately, you haven’t been successful…”

So why is this happening to you?

It’s very simple…

The job-hunting process is the same in 2022 as it was in the 1980’s 

1. You apply for a job 
2. You wait…

There’s just one small problem with that… The world has changed drastically!

There has never been MORE degree educated job seekers…

Universities/ colleges teach all students to write an identical resume (so everybody looks the same on paper!)

And companies that you want to work for have it easy

They have an endless supply of applicants

You are as common to them as a glass of water.

So, what can you do to increase your chances?

In this training we will show you how to increase your chance of 0.2% all the way up to 73%

While your competition applies and waits

By watching this training, you will understand how to career (No Pun Intended) through the “New World” of job hunting…

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