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1st December 2022 Re-Opening Enrolments

December 2022 Re-Opening Enrolments

How to job+ Students Have Received Offers From These Companies

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We've helped thousands of our students to attain their dream job!

We’ve been helping jobseekers from all backgrounds and experience levels secure their dream jobs within a multitude of sectors

now with How to job+ we’re making our market leading, results-focused education even more accessible so you too can secure that new job!

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With How to job+ you’ll stay on the cutting-edge of job hunting education with the latest talent acquisition trends and opportunities, so you can move faster and thrive in the face of uncertainty.

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No more information overload as we curate the most impactful new ideas inside How to job+ for you, so you can invest more time taking action and generating results

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How to job+ gives you the freedom and flexibility to jump from class to class to create specific results, allowing your job hunting goals to dictate what you need to learn and when.

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How to job+ equips you with the diverse skills and disciples needed to confidently attain your dream job, so you’ll have an edge no matter what industry you're looking to get into

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Shorten your learning time by following proven & repeatable frameworks.
Each class is built around an in-depth, evidence-based framework that’s proven to produce results that our students’ experience.

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"How to Mail" software with 1.5 Billion data points of employers' email addresses

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St James Wealth

4 Weeks Duration

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Pitchbook Data

5 Weeks Duration

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4 Weeks Duration

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Octopus Investments

5 Weeks Duration


6 weeks Duration

Private Banker
Weatherby's Private Bank

4 weeks Duration

FX Broker
Fortuna FX

5 Weeks Duration

Wealth Manager
De'Vere Group

6 Weeks Duration

Investment Banking Internship

3 Weeks Duration

A message from the

Milo Sevelj

Founder, How to job

I am truly honoured you are on this page and reading through the How to job+ features and I look forward to seeing you inside, before you commit, I wanted to let you know a little bit about me, so you know if this platform and my experience will be a good fit for you.

Over the last 10 years I’ve worked with companies like Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan, Tesla, IBM and organizations like the British Military and many more when it comes to talent acquisition advice and sourcing of graduates as well as experienced personnel.

The challenge I’ve seen that companies face when acquiring staff or attracting personnel was that there are too many applications and not enough time to go through them, so companies then deploy software that eliminates 96% off of applications, which in turn makes your job hunting experience more of a challenge.

The majority of the 10,000 of my students have experienced “unfortunately you haven’t been successful…” emails, the “you don’t have enough experience” reply or even when they do have experience it seems to be ignored!

The reason? There’s too many of you! …and you don’t know how to stick out from the crowd!

By consistently changing a few things in your job search and focusing more on the outreach to the internal job market and actually conversing with decision makers and hiring managers and presenting your soft skills as well as your transferable experience, you WILL have a tactical advantage!

If you feel that the cards are stacked against you, then How to job+ will tip the balance in your favour!

I’ll see you inside.

Milo has helped jobseekers get into these companies

& many more!

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Probably the best investment you will make this year and the one that will pay the best returns. Our students on average use of How to job+ platform for 4 – 6 weeks, saying that, you can get faster results if you really put your foot on the gas. Equally if you need more time and want to take things slow that’s ok too!

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What’s better than having just the right amount of content? Even more than needed! How to job+ will teach you things you didn’t even know you needed to know! We’ve over prepared our classes and live streams to ensure massive success.

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The early bird pricing gives you access for 3 months from December 2022 all for the price of £95, there is no monthly charge for the early bird pricing and is a onetime purchase for 3 months access.

If you don’t have any experience yet or no idea of where you want to get a job in, you’re in the right place. Inside How to job+ you can explore the classes and lectures that will inspire you to know where to begin. Some of our most successful students didn’t have any experience and weren’t sure where they wanted to work and received multiple offers within weeks!

Yes absolutely, you can use this for a few weeks or a few months, it’s entirely up to you, cancel anytime, no contracts, only rolling month to month.

We’ve designed how to job+ to cater to a range of learning styles, it is a fully autonomous learning platform where you can scroll through the classes at your convenience, if you need structure, we have 4 lecture rooms which break down the process of which classes to consume and what target to have daily / weekly to keep you accountable. These 4 lecture rooms are the reason the platform is successful as it shows where you need to be at which stage to start effectively using the lessons to generate offers.

This will be perfect for you! We’ve had a lot of job seekers during the pandemic who have really benefited from this platform immensely! We have military personnel as well as civil servant employees currently using our platform to move into desired industries / jobs.

The lessons are universal for a whole host of industries, and our students have used this platform to get into companies like Tesla, Google, Net Jets, IBM and many more. If the role you are interested in is in a competitive field, then How to job+ will work for you!

All of the content is presented by Milo and all of our content we upload in the future will be presented by Milo as well, this is done to keep the consistency of the quality and in line with the How to job brand.

Under promise and over deliver, while giving you 10 times what you pay for, sounds good? Well, that’s what we have kept in mind when designing and creating this platform

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