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Learn from our successful students

Vaibhav Sharma

London Stock Exchange Group

Vaibhav's strategic use of LinkedIn helped him land his dream role at the London Stock Exchange. By researching and reaching out to the decision maker in HR, he was able to showcase his qualifications and express his interest in the position. His initiative paid off, and he ultimately tripled his salary from his previous role.

Morgan Jackson

St James Place Wealth Mgmt

Morgan leveraged his networking skills to attain a role in St James's Wealth Management's internal job market. He impressed senior members of staff with his potential and transferable skills, ultimately securing the position. His success story highlights the value of networking and showcasing one's qualifications in job applications.

Tadella Wallace

CITI Group

Tadela secured a higher-paying role in CITI Group within just four weeks by gaining informational interviews outside of the traditional process. Her initiative and research allowed her to showcase her qualifications and land her dream role. Her success story highlights the power of networking and taking a proactive approach to job hunting.

Nestoras Kyriaou


Netsoras landed a role as an investment consultant with MoneyFarm, despite facing stiff competition from over 5,000 applicants. He leveraged his soft skills to stand out from the crowd and showcase his potential. His success story demonstrates the importance of highlighting unique strengths and qualities when job hunting in a competitive market.

Qiyang Guan


Qiyang impressed senior decision makers at Redington by showcasing his cultural fit with the company. His ability to align his values with the company's vision ultimately landed him a role at his dream company. His success story highlights the importance of understanding and showcasing one's personal and professional values when job hunting.

Barnaby Osbourne

Octopus Investments

Barnaby landed a role at Octopus Investments by highlighting his transferable skills in business development to the senior client-facing team. Despite having no prior experience, he was able to showcase his potential and secure a role that typically required three years of experience. His success story underscores the importance of emphasizing transferable skills and potential during the job application process.

Sian Bennett

Fortuna FX

Sian secured a role at Fortuna FX by showcasing her transferable skills and experience from her time as an air stewardess. She connected with the CEO and booked a meeting to pitch herself as a candidate. Her initiative and ability to showcase her potential landed her the job. Her success story highlights the importance of networking and the value of transferable skills in job hunting.

Guy Briston

Weatherbys Private Bank

Guy secured a role at Weatherbys by leveraging his networking skills. He connected with senior private bankers and booked meetings to discuss potential opportunities. His ability to showcase his potential and qualifications ultimately led to him landing his dream role. His success story highlights the importance of networking and taking a proactive approach to job hunting.

Chris Thatcher

Brewin Dolphin

Chris secured meetings with companies like Brewin Dolphin outside of the traditional job process. He communicated with HR staff and asked soft-skill and project-oriented questions to showcase his potential. His success story highlights the value of taking a proactive approach to job hunting and the importance of showcasing transferable skills.



Matthew generated six job offers within 30 days, in a field that was exceptionally competitive. Prior to coaching, he had struggled to secure a role for 12 months. His success story highlights the value of seeking guidance and the impact that proper preparation can have in landing a job in a competitive market.

Aditya Amonker

GW Associates

Aditya secured his dream job as an Executive Search Consultant by showcasing his passion for candidate development and leveraging networking skills. His success story highlights the importance of emphasizing unique strengths and qualities in job hunting, and the power of networking to open up opportunities.

Jack Dyer


Jack secured his dream role at PitchBook Data, despite lacking the three years of experience typically required for the role. He connected with the CEO and booked a meeting to pitch himself as a candidate. His initiative and ability to showcase his potential landed him the job. His success story underscores the importance of taking a proactive approach to job hunting and leveraging networking skills to open up opportunities.

Andrea Percontti


Andrea secured an analyst role at a fintech company after months of struggling to find a job. He changed his approach and secured informational interviews with hiring managers to showcase his potential. His success story highlights the importance of being proactive in job hunting and taking a strategic approach to networking.

Aashish Pattni

Aashish secured a role in a completely new field by asking strategic questions during his interview and focusing on the long-term aspects of the role. His approach impressed the hiring manager, resulting in one of the best interviews of his career. His success story highlights the value of being prepared and strategic when interviewing for a new position.

Amir Nouroozi

Silicon Valley bank

Amir secured multiple job interviews within weeks of changing his approach to job hunting. He impressed hiring managers and received offers from several companies, ultimately accepting a role with Silicon Valley Bank. His success story highlights the importance of being proactive and strategic in job hunting to achieve career success.

James Keogh


James moved from Belfast to London after securing his dream position remotely. He was offered an above-average salary for an internal role. His success story showcases the power of persistence and the potential for remote work to open up new opportunities in today's job market.

Harry Moore

Chase Buchannan Wealth

Harry secured a role within a wealth management company and negotiated for non-salary benefits. He persuaded the company to fund his further education and examination, allowing him to develop his skills and potentially advance within the company in the future. His success story underscores the importance of negotiating for additional benefits and taking a long-term approach to career development.



Aderogba secured an analyst role after creating a pitch deck presentation that generated multiple job offers. His initiative and strategic approach impressed hiring managers and demonstrated his potential. His success story highlights the value of creativity and taking a proactive approach to job hunting.

Jekaterina Scemeleva


Kate generated a new role after showcasing her transferable skills and cultural fit to the hiring managers. She leveraged her long-term career aspirations to secure a higher salary and stronger career development opportunities. Her success story underscores the value of emphasizing unique strengths and qualities during the job application process to achieve long-term career goals.

Tomi Adeleye


Tomi secured a role at Mercer by leveraging his network connections in multiple companies. He was referred to the role through his connections, showcasing the power of networking to open up new job opportunities. His success story highlights the importance of building and maintaining professional relationships to achieve career success.

Rushil Patel

City Credit Capital

Rushil secured a role as a compliance analyst at City Credit Capital after struggling through the traditional job application process. He secured multiple meetings at similar firms of interest and leveraged those meetings into job offers, ultimately landing his dream role. His success story showcases the power of networking and the importance of persistence in job hunting.

Priscila Asogbon


Priscila secured a role as a data consultant with Rockborne by networking her way into second stage interviews. She booked meetings with hiring staff outside of the traditional HR process, showcasing her initiative and potential. Her success story highlights the power of networking and taking a proactive approach to job hunting.

Charles Measham


Charles secured a role at deVere Group by highlighting his aspiration for further education and his client-facing experience from his previous role. He impressed the hiring managers and was ultimately offered the job. His success story underscores the importance of emphasizing unique strengths and qualities in job applications to achieve career goals.

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Over the last 10 years I’ve worked with companies like Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan, Tesla, IBM and organizations like the British Military and many more when it comes to talent acquisition advice and sourcing of graduates as well as experienced personnel.

The challenge I’ve seen that companies face when acquiring staff or attracting personnel was that there are too many applications and not enough time to go through them, so companies then deploy software that eliminates 96% off of applications, which in turn makes your job hunting experience more of a challenge.

The majority of the 10,000 of my students have experienced “unfortunately you haven’t been successful…” emails, the “you don’t have enough experience” reply or even when they do have experience it seems to be ignored!

The reason? There’s too many of you! …and you don’t know how to stick out from the crowd!

By consistently changing a few things in your job search and focusing more on the outreach to the internal job market and actually conversing with decision makers and hiring managers and presenting your soft skills as well as your transferable experience, you WILL have a tactical advantage!

If you feel that the cards are stacked against you, then How to job+ will tip the balance in your favour!

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Yes absolutely, you can use this for a few weeks or a few months, it’s entirely up to you, cancel anytime, no contracts, only rolling month to month.

We’ve designed how to job+ to cater to a range of learning styles, it is a fully autonomous learning platform where you can scroll through the classes at your convenience, if you need structure, we have 4 lecture rooms which break down the process of which classes to consume and what target to have daily / weekly to keep you accountable. These 4 lecture rooms are the reason the platform is successful as it shows where you need to be at which stage to start effectively using the lessons to generate offers.

This will be perfect for you! We’ve had a lot of job seekers during the pandemic who have really benefited from this platform immensely! We have military personnel as well as civil servant employees currently using our platform to move into desired industries / jobs.

The lessons are universal for a whole host of industries, and our students have used this platform to get into companies like Tesla, Google, Net Jets, IBM and many more. If the role you are interested in is in a competitive field, then How to job+ will work for you!

All of the content is presented by Milo and all of our content we upload in the future will be presented by Milo as well, this is done to keep the consistency of the quality and in line with the How to job brand.

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