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How to Job Search Online

Gone are the days when you have to walk door-to-door from one business to another to find out if there are any job vacancies suitable for you. Nowadays, almost all job searches (and recruitment) take place online. While it has made it easier for job seekers to look for a job online, it has also made it more competitive. You need to know the best practices for job searching online and applying for the job you want to increase your chances of getting hired.

Where to Find Jobs Online

The internet is an excellent tool for finding jobs online. Make sure you know where and how to look for opportunities to secure your dream job.

  • Company websites – The best place to start if you are looking for job opportunities is to check the company websites directly. You can check if a specific company you want to work for has any available job positions. Applying for a job directly to the company increases your chances of being considered for the position. You can also use the website information to learn more about the company and help you with the job interview process.
  • Social media sites – Another great place to look for a job online is social media sites. Companies, HR professionals, and recruitment agencies use social media as a platform to advertise any job vacancies that they have. This platform enables them to reach as many people as possible. You can also participate in various job search groups to find opportunities online.
  • Association websites – If you don’t have any specific company in mind that you want to work for but want to narrow down your job search according to the industry, you can turn to association websites for information on job vacancies. Most industry association websites have a dedicated section for advertisements, industry news, and job opportunities. Take advantage of this information so that you can apply for a legitimate job position and to access all the necessary information in one place. 
  • Online job boards – Websites are created to list job opportunities across various industries online. You can sign up for these websites to be alerted about job openings and be among the first to apply for your desired position. You can also post your resume online and make it available for recruiters and HR agencies. It will increase your chances of being invited to apply for relevant jobs (or be hired directly!). 
how to job search online

How to Job Search Online: Best Practices for Success

Knowing where to look for job opportunities is only the first step in how to job search online. Maximize efficiency with your job search online to boost your chances of getting the job you want.

Tip 1: Be an early bird.

You’ve spent countless hours searching for the best job opportunity to match your skills online. Don’t wait to apply when you see a job posting that is ideal for your skills and experience. You increase your chances of getting the job if you are among the first to apply. 

Tip 2: Customize your resume

Sending a generic application is a no-no. If you want to boost your chances of landing that job interview, make sure you customize your application to suit the requirements of the job posting. 

Read the detailed job description. Focus on the skills and qualifications to align with what you can offer the company.  It’s no use being one of the first to apply for a job if you cannot show that you are the best candidate. Take time to explain in your customized job application why you are the perfect fit for the role. 

Tip 3: Update your resume

When was the last time you updated your resume? Since the last time you did, you might have gained new job experience or new skills that would increase your chances of being hired for a job opening. 

Make it a habit to update your resume every few months or if you have completed a project or job. Your experience and skills could be what an employer is looking for. Your resume must reflect that to improve your job search success.

Maximize efficiency with your job search online

Tip 4: Focus on Smaller Niches

Focus on finding jobs that you want and are the best fit for your skills and experience. Job searching is a personal experience. Therefore, you want to ensure that you focus on jobs that you want and are good at.

This tip will help you excel, especially if you want to overcome the high level of competition in the saturated job market. Some positions will have hundreds of potential applicants. You can increase your chances of being interviewed – or your job application being noticed – if you focus on more specific niches. Just because one job posting receives hundreds of applications does not mean it is a better opportunity. 

Tip 5: More is Not Better

Be selective in the jobs you are applying for. Many job seekers believe they can increase their chances of getting an interview by sending applications to as many job postings as possible. However, this approach isn’t more likely to yield better results, especially if your skills or experience are not a good fit for the position.

Examine the job posting carefully to see if it matches your skills. Also, you shouldn’t say you have a skill that you don’t possess or job experience that you don’t have. You want to be able to support what’s in your resume during the interview process.  

Tip 6: Build Your Personal Brand

When doing your job search online, you want to build your personal brand to improve your chances of being hired. Create an online portfolio where you can showcase your skills and previous work experience. Make sure to add your social media links to your personal website. 

This is also an excellent opportunity to remind you to clean up your online presence. Be mindful about what you post online because prospective employers might see that, which could affect your application. Many hiring managers like to scope out job candidates online. Therefore, you must put your best foot forward and act professionally online. 



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