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4 - 12 Week Plan...



By utilizing a personalized version of this methodology, you will be able to differentiate yourself from other job candidates and make a strong impression on potential employers. This approach will allow you to position yourself as a highly desirable candidate, making you a magnet for job opportunities. By following your customized strategy, you will be setting yourself up for success as you embark on your job search journey.




By the end of this, you will have a foundational understanding of our bespoke networking strategy, with the ability to structure and implement it for maximum results in your job search journey. This includes learning how to understand and apply your unique version of the tier system.



“Unfortunately, you haven’t been successful...” will be a distant memory when you understand the way to email and message via LinkedIn, by understanding this methodology and adding it onto what you have already learnt will give you an unfair advantage over other job seekers. This is the moment you understand why our successful students have become job magnets through this process.




Here, you will discover how to stand out and capture the attention of potential networking prospects by effectively communicating your unique organizational culture and workflow needs through a comprehensive professional profile package, ultimately increasing your chances of success in building meaningful business connections.



You've made it this far, so let's make sure to cross the finish line successfully. That's why it's important to have your personalized interview preparation and meeting framework in place, which were designed specifically to help you achieve your goals and secure the job offer.




Did you know that LinkedIn scores you from 0 to 100? Also, did you know that this is a big deal when networking within the internal job market? Well now you can ethically manipulate this algorithm to your advantage to secure roles faster and have an exposure to roles you have never seen before. Welcome to the hidden job market and the knowledge required to “career” through it... Pardon the pun.


Your Bespoke Job Blueprint

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Your own online lesson plan covering entire networking strategy

Your own email/ LinkedIn template pack with company size, culture, workflow and recommended methodology specific to your desired role

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Raised In Salaries

Over the last decade I’ve worked with companies like Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan, Tesla, IBM and organizations like the British Military and many more when it comes to talent acquisition advice and sourcing of graduates as well as experienced personnel.

The challenge I’ve seen that companies face when acquiring staff or attracting personnel was that there are too many applications and not enough time to go through them, so companies then deploy software that eliminates 96% off of applications, which in turn makes your job hunting experience more of a challenge.

The majority of the 10,000 of my students have experienced “unfortunately you haven’t been successful…” emails, the “you don’t have enough experience” reply or even when they do have experience it seems to be ignored!

The reason? There’s too many of you! …and you don’t know how to stick out from the crowd!

By consistently changing a few things in your job search and focusing more on the outreach to the internal job market and actually conversing with decision makers and hiring managers and presenting your soft skills as well as your transferable experience, you WILL have a tactical advantage!

If you feel that the cards are stacked against you, then the New Job System will tip the balance in your favour!

I’ll see you inside.

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