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New Job System is the #1 Job Networking Training Platform On The Planet

The New Job System is the most extensive job networking training curriculum on the planet today. With over 50 hours+ segments of fully interactive video content, New Job System is the one thing you can't afford NOT to have. With Milo Sevelj and his team as your personal mentor 24/7, you can finally reach your career potential. Professionals at the top of their game train every day to reach a work-related goal, and with the New Job System you can too.

OVER 50 Hours + VIDEO

Interactive lessons that cover all the job networking skills you MUST have to battle the hidden job market.


Equip yourself 24/7 with unlimited access to content available ON-DEMAND to help you career through the networking skills required for tier 1 and 2.


Access our pros to help you One-on-One tackle the challenges of this new economy job hunting.

Why Choose the #1 Job Networking Training Platform On The Planet

New Job System is the single largest collection of best-in-class training on:

Employer Sourcing – How to only Source the right firms for you
SSI – LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index
Candidate Roadmap – Where to begin and why
Email Templates – 1000s of templates to get into tier 1 and 2
Pitch Decks – Create a visual representation that companies can’t ignore
V.V.P – Create a presentation that pushes you to the top 10% of applicants
Interview Prep – Optimized for the New World
ATS CV – Have a more Optimized CV by Our Harvard Grad team

Have an unfair advantage in your job search


Wealth Manager @ Fintech Firm

"Being able to explain to a financial services company how transferable my skill set was for the role was the biggest take way for me in this coaching program, I was also able to use the How to mail program to get a hiring manager's email and send over a pitch deck presentation to get their attention"


Client Services @ Financial Services Firm

"I was able to build on my existing experience to show employers where I could be in 6 - 12 months within a technical role that I didn't necessarily have the right academic experience for"


Analyst @ Asset Management Firm

“After just applying for a long time and not getting anywhere, I was able to finally get into an interview by reaching out to hiring managers and asking the right questions to then secure a meeting that followed into an actual interview"


FX Broker @ Financial Services Firm

“Transitioning form a stewardess to a broker was something that I felt was quite an impossible task until I was able to network my way into a successful FX firm and meet with the CEO, I was then able to, with Milo’s guidance, effectively present how I could hit the ground running”


BDM @ VC Firm

“With the help of this program I was able to create a pitch deck to get the attention of a CEO of a global firm within the VC space. My previous experience was a digital campaign analyst and transitioning to a client facing role at this level was possible due to this coaching”

"Not only have I been given continued support through my hunt for a new job within financial services, but I’ve also received access to job hunting software and a really good method and approach to reaching out to hiring managers and companies in general. How to job really does offer more than you expect!"


BDM @ VC Firm

"These guys were there every step of the way assisting you with interviews and providing valuable training and industry knowledge. I can’t recommend How to job enough for anyone who is seriously planning to enter the financial services field."


Trader @ Investment Bank

"The programs helped me get into a financial services firm, these guys will help you until you get into a role"


Wealth Manager @ Fintech Firm

"I used the breach methodology to get the attention of the exact hiring manager of the job was interested in after I sent an ATS optimized CV that I received from the team within the coaching. I received a salary of £37,500 for my first role."


Associate @ Asset Management Firm

"Within 2 weeks of starting the program I am in a great job, and I owe it to How to job, I would recommend anyone in the job market to take the program because it’s amazing and I couldn’t of ask for more!!!"


Broker @ Mortage Firm

"The end result from my shortlist of 60-70 companies was that I received 2 offers (I received 4 more interviews but ultimately turned them down) and the job I have accepted I am very happy with. I found a company with an amazing culture that will look after my well-being and personal development."


Consultant @ Asset Management Company

Your Trusted Resource

The New Job System has been providing job networking training to 10,000's of jobseekers all over the planet. From graduates all the way to C suite applicants, the New Job System has the best online job networking training available online today.

Find Anyone's Professional Email In Seconds

100 Credits Per Licence

Decision makers are more receptive to job seekers when they receive a well-structured email rather than an inmail LinkedIn message


No, we are selective when it comes to coaching, we feel that when the mentor and the student are on the exact same page is the only way this program can work. We will ask you to apply to the program and we can set up a consultation call to see if it’s for you.

The program is very flexible. This is a bespoke 1 on 1 coaching and is done entirely on your time, we recommend having 15 mins per day to be able to secure the same results as our other clients.

You have come to the right place, we move at your level and your speed, we have helped graduates and CEO’s as well as everything in between.

We will do your ATS CV / Resume to your satisfaction within 72 hours of you enrolling, we will also stick with you until you sign your contract for the new role.

We charge dependant by your skill level and nature of the requirement, a graduate will naturally pay less than a CEO as the workload is inevitably different, saying this we feel our charging is calculated in a fair and smart investment orientated way.

Apply to the program below, there will be a form to fill in where we can find out more about you and see if you will be a good fit. Upon a successful application we will set up an informal interview to see what you are about and where we can help.

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🌟 Empower Your Job Search Today!

Enter your email below to receive your free copy directly to your inbox. Equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate the job search landscape and stand out from the crowd.