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New Job System is the #1 Job Networking Platform On The Planet

The New Job System is the MOST extensive job networking training curriculum on the planet today. With over 50 hours+ segments of fully interactive video content, New Job System is the one thing you can't afford NOT to have. With Milo Sevelj and his team as your personal mentor 24/7, you can finally reach your career potential. Professionals at the top of their game train every day to reach a work-related goal, and with the New Job System you can too.

OVER 50 Hours + VIDEO

Interactive lessons that cover all the job networking skills you MUST have to battle the hidden job market.


Equip yourself 24/7 with unlimited access to content available ON-DEMAND to help you career through the networking skills required for tier 1 and 2.


Access our pros to help you One-on-One tackle the challenges of this new economy job hunting.

5 Offers in 4 Weeks

Morgan joined the How to job program to get into the wealth management space and was successful in acquiring up to 5 offers within 4 weeks. He selected St James Place as the 1 offer out of 5. He was able to tap into the hidden job market to get an extremely competitive salary

Citi Group in 4 Weeks

Tadela used our networking methodology to generate an offer with Citi Group within 4 weeks and accepted the offer on the 6th week for a commercial analyst role in their Belfast office. Tadela struggled for over a year to generate offers until she had a structured approach to networking

Why Choose the #1 Job Networking Training Platform On The Planet

New Job System is the single largest collection of best-in-class training on:

Employer Sourcing – How to only Source the right firms for you
SSI – LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index
Candidate Roadmap – Where to begin and why
Email Templates – 1000s of templates to get into tier 1 and 2
Pitch Decks – Create a visual representation that companies can’t ignore
V.V.P – Create a presentation that pushes you to the top 10% of applicants
Interview Prep – Optimized for the New World
ATS CV – Have a more Optimized CV by Our Harvard Grad team

6 Offers in 4 Weeks

Matthew generated 6 offers within 4 weeks, he spent an entire 12 months with no offers at all and then with a structure to follow he was able to play off offers to generate the best role possible for himself

4 Interviews in 10 Days

Amir received four interviews within 10 days, he was able to reach out to 100 people in his first week on the program and go the attention of companies the likes of J.P. Morgan and UBS

No Experience No Problem

No experience candidate, Jack wanted to get into the brokering space and came from a digital analyst background and he used the program to get the attention of the CEO of PitchBook Data that then generated him a fast track meeting with the hiring team

Find Anyone's Professional Email In Seconds

100 Credits Per Licence

Decision makers are more receptive to job seekers when they receive a well-structured email rather than an inmail LinkedIn message

A message from the founder

I am truly honoured you are on this page and reading through the How to job+ features and I look forward to seeing you inside, before you commit, I wanted to let you know a little bit about me, so you know if this platform and my experience will be a good fit for you.

Over the last 10 years I’ve worked with companies like Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan, Tesla, IBM and organizations like the British Military and many more when it comes to talent acquisition advice and sourcing of graduates as well as experienced personnel.

The challenge I’ve seen that companies face when acquiring staff or attracting personnel was that there are too many applications and not enough time to go through them, so companies then deploy software that eliminates 96% off of applications, which in turn makes your job hunting experience more of a challenge.

The majority of the 10,000 of my students have experienced “unfortunately you haven’t been successful…” emails, the “you don’t have enough experience” reply or even when they do have experience it seems to be ignored!

The reason? There’s too many of you! …and you don’t know how to stick out from the crowd!

By consistently changing a few things in your job search and focusing more on the outreach to the internal job market and actually conversing with decision makers and hiring managers and presenting your soft skills as well as your transferable experience, you WILL have a tactical advantage!

If you feel that the cards are stacked against you, then How to job+ will tip the balance in your favour!

I’ll see you inside.


No, we are selective when it comes to coaching, we feel that when the mentor and the student are on the exact same page is the only way this program can work. We will ask you to apply to the program and we can set up a consultation call to see if it’s for you.

The program is very flexible. This is a bespoke 1 on 1 coaching and is done entirely on your time, we recommend having 15 mins per day to be able to secure the same results as our other clients.

You have come to the right place, we move at your level and your speed, we have helped graduates and CEO’s as well as everything in between.

We will do your ATS CV / Resume to your satisfaction within 72 hours of you enrolling, we will also stick with you until you sign your contract for the new role.

We charge dependant by your skill level and nature of the requirement, a graduate will naturally pay less than a CEO as the workload is inevitably different, saying this we feel our charging is calculated in a fair and smart investment orientated way.

Apply to the program below, there will be a form to fill in where we can find out more about you and see if you will be a good fit. Upon a successful application we will set up an informal interview to see what you are about and where we can help.

Ready to apply?

The New Job System is by appointment only, and we recommend this mentorship to jobseekers who are ready to take their job hunt to the next level. If you feel like this mentorship can benefit your job search, please apply below to set up a consultation call.

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🌟 Empower Your Job Search Today!

Enter your email below to receive your free copy directly to your inbox. Equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate the job search landscape and stand out from the crowd.