No Experience? No problem!

Aashish commissioned us to help him source the perfect role for him, he had just graduated from his master’s degree and wasn’t sure which area to investigate for his next role, we then worked together to find out that a role that allowed him to get into an SDR with a clear progression to a BDM promotion. We developed a strategy to deal with client directors of high-level firms and positioned ourselves to create a plan of talent acquisition with minimal to no experience to be offered a very comfortable salary!

Not sure where to start?

Be Like Aashish!

Connect with client directors!

Dealing with Client directors would be the best way to go for any client facing role you want to apply to. This action will give you the best exposure to what the company is looking for in its staff (especially under the sales / client director)

The question that started it all?

… “Would you say follow up or objection handling is your biggest challenge for your SDR and BDM’s?” …

After getting this answer, we coached Aashish to develop a VVP (Value Validation Project) to showcase how he would be able to be a solution to the challenge that the company faced.

2 weeks after sending that email, Aashish found himself signing an employment contract!

Need a bullet proof strategy?

A course of action that has been tried and tested with over 10,000 job seekers?

A post Covid / New World Job Hunting proof plan?

We’ve got you covered! Check out our free training and premium programs or book a FREE 15-minute consultation call with us so we can assess how we can help you!

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