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Due to our high-volume recruitment process, our clients sift through candidates using a dashboard that presents CVs and individual selections. If you don't hear from our clients within 30 days, it means you haven't been selected this time.

We embrace a unique approach, aiming to enhance your chances of landing your dream job through a data-driven strategy.

As an ed-tech platform offering recruitment among various services, we're here to help. Please use the "Get Advice" option on our website for support.

Given the sheer number of applicants we handle daily, direct conversations with our recruiters are challenging. However, our team strives to assist as much as possible. For personalized advice, please choose the "Get Advice" feature.

Our traditional virtual job specification service is complimentary, akin to other recruitment services. We also provide access to a free training platform. While we do offer premium services for a fee—accompanied by service guarantees—not everyone will need these. If you're interested in more comprehensive support, we encourage you to inquire further.

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